Don & Cindy P. (San Jose)

I was referred to Joy from a family member. I am more than happy with Joy. She was ver attentive what we wanted, showed us houses under and over our budget, multiple locations, cities we never really investigated. No rush and provided us with her honest opinion like a family friend also viewing houses with us. Her team worked with multiple banks with 1 hard credit report unlike other real estate agents who pulled many for just 1 loan. She went out of her way to follow up with us. Other real estate agent told us to just look for a house ourselves and let them know. Joy on the other hand said what days are you available and then from there said we had 3-6 homes to look at that day. She also gave use home reports prior and homes that we are interested in. If I had the money, I would buy more homes with the help of JOY!

Connie B. (Milpitas)

Joy Mamaril made home buying seem so easy. I never thought we would ever own a home with today's out-of-reach prices. When we won the bid, she did all the work like the seasoned pro that she is. We didn't even have to do much. All we did was sign paperwork. As first time homebuyers, we don't know anything about the process. But we entrusted Joy and made her do the decisions for us. We just sat at the backseat and made her do her stuff - and we didn't regret a single thing. I'm a very happy homeowner. We own our place at a time when homeownership seems impossible. Joy Mamaril - we are forever grateful for all the help. Your services and expertise are highly recommended.

Alix B. (Milpitas)

As a first time homebuyer, trying to purchase a property in these times is a hard feat. It's a sellers market, and if you're on a strict budget and not paying a few hundred thousands of dollars over asking price, your modest bid on a house will not be entertained. So we're looking into properties with just a glimmer of hope, and a whole lot of wishful thinking. Then we met Joy Mamaril. And our luck really changed. We just provided her the paperwork, and she went on and got things started really fast. We can't believe the pace things were going. Next thing we knew, we're homeowners. Joy Mamaril is a buyer's realtor - she works hard for what you want. She gave us all the insights and the very much needed advise in home-buying. With this experience, she will be our one and only realtor. This review doesn't really do her justice. Give her a try. See and experience for yourself a fast and worry-free real estate transaction. You will never regret it.

Edmund & Rachelle B. (Elk Grove)

It was a great experience being helped with someone who is honest, knowledgeable and reliable. We didn't feel the fear of being a first time home buyer because of her support and passion to help people. Ms. Joy is great at coordinating through all the steps of home buying. Also she is a good listener because she makes sure to capture the entire picture of what you are trying to say before she gives you a response or offers a solution to a problem. It was a pleasure to work with her. Me and my wife will look forward on working with her again in the future.

Anna B. (San Francisco)

The best realtor in the Bay Area!!! Dependable and trustworthy. The realtor you can count on with your real estate transactions. Joy has been my realtor since year 2005 and she never disappointed me. She's gonna be the only realtor I will use for as long as I live. Top notch abilities!!!

Iris V. (San Mateo)

Ms. Joy? Hmmm. What can i say about Ms. Joy. Well first and foremost, she's the only realtor that makes your dream come true. I've been turn down by number of realtor or even bank due to my foreclosure. But Ms. Joy, she didn't look at me as a turn down client. She didn't make me feel that I don't have any hope. Whats the best thing of her is that her positive personality, makes paper work simple rather than complicated and makes her job done as quick as she can. Who else can do that? Based on my experienced and my history of foreclosure she is the only realtor I've meet that can make "impossible to possible." So once again, I truly recommend to choose Ms. Joy as your realtor.

Jenny L. (Hayward)

We were introduced to Joy Mamaril by a common friend in 2016. We were first time home buyers and she made the process seem so easy but i know she worked so hard to get us our home. She made sure that any question or concern we had was answered. She showed professionalism in her job, and was always there to assist you anytime you needed her. I would definitely recommend her as a Realtor! Thank You for all your help! God bless you and your team!

Dr. T (Santa Clara)

We met Joy thru a friend who was a former client. Besides being very knowledgeable about the bay area market, she has been (more importantly) very patient with us thru the whole buying process, specially the selection process. Weekdays or weekends, she was available for us. When we finally decided on a house, she and her team were on top of the negotiation process, always with very quick response. We closed in less than 30 days. I think all her former clients recommends her because we know of a co worker, another friend and even a childhood friend who she has worked with prior to us. I think it's a testament to how not only is she a fab realtor but a great person as well.

Marilyn P. (San Jose)

Joy Mamaril for me she is a top agent , no matter how much sleep she got or didn't get, to do the things that help her clients. She support us during the difficult time, I'm so grateful when she email me, phone call, text messages to check-in with me. A very nice and kind person she have a good personality, and gorgeous . Joy is help me a lot. I am truly lucky to have her

Venus G. (San Jose)

Joy was so helpful and was on top of her client no matter how busy she is. The time that i purchased my house she had a planned vacation outside the country but even with the time difference she .made sure that she is available whenever i need to ask questions..As a first time home buyer i had a lot of doubt and had so many questions but Joy made sure that she can take care of all my concerns by calling me or txting me. I am so satisfied with her service and I am continuously referring customer to her. THANK YOU JOY for the wonderful service..Happy customer here

Estellita P. (San Jose)

Joy is the only realtor that makes your dreams come true. I've been turn down by number of realtors and banks due to my foreclosure, but Joy didn't look at me as a turn down client. She didn't make me feel that I didn't have any hope. The best thing about her is her positive personality. She makes paper work simple rather than complicated. Based on my experienced and my history of foreclosure, she is the only realtor I've meet that can make "impossible possible". So once again, I truly recommend to choose Joy as your realtor.

Marissa S. (San Jose)

When me and my husband decided to buy a house we had a hard time. But once we met Joy Mamaril it became a lot easier. She answered many of our questions that we had. She made it easier for us to understand what it really meant to buy a house and the process of it all. It took us a while to find a house and Joy was very patient with us. She really did everything so that we could find the house we were looking for. And when we finally did we were so happy. We love the house to live in now and it's all thanks to her. She was very hands on throughout the process.

Myla G. (San Jose)

Being able to work with your demands and you can get a good time with her and you know that she will never do anything that you can get disappointed with her work. She also treated you as a family and for me I love the way she help me with my first and my second house cuz she also make sure you get everything that make you happy and save money by getting all the things that will save you money and you will be happy with your life because you have a nice house and you have everything to be happy the best interest to you in your loans

Eric D. (San Jose)

Excellent service in finding a home in the South Bay Area. Joy found me a home very fast and she exceeds the expectations of a realtor. I highly recommend Joy. You will be happy with the results.

Eller J. (San Jose)

Ms Josephine Mamaril is very knowledgeable and experienced in real estate business. She is very cooperative and professional in dealing with the buyer and the seller. I'm very happy to work with her selling my house.

Espie M. (Salinas)

Very helpful always goes the extra mile to get her customer their dream home.

Ana D. (San Jose)

Honest and caring realtor ...